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Understanding the Importance of Deck Railings

Sep 09, 2023

Deck railings are not merely ornamental; they serve a critical function. They provide safety and support, preventing accidents and injuries as a barrier to accidental falls or slips. Railings become an essential safety feature, especially when you have children or pets.

Further, deck railings can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your deck. They come in various styles and materials, from wood and composite to glass and metal. Choosing the right type of railing can perfectly complement the design of your deck and the surrounding environment.

Why Choose Metal Deck Railings?

modern deck railing

Metal deck railings, particularly those made of aluminum and steel, have become popular among homeowners and professionals. The reasons for this popularity are manifold:

Durability and Strength

Metal is known for its durability and strength, making it an ideal material for railing systems. Unlike traditional wood railing, metal railings, whether steel or aluminum, don’t warp, splinter, or rot. They can withstand wear and tear and, with minimal cleaning, can stand the test of time.

Resistance to Weather Conditions

Metal railings are built to last in a variety of weather conditions. They can handle snow, rain, or humidity without losing their structural integrity or aesthetic appeal. A powder-coated finish, like that available with many metal railing collections, adds an extra layer of protection, helping to prevent rust.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal

Metal railings lend a sleek, modern aesthetic to your deck. Clean lines and slim profiles streamline views, while the variety of color and infill choices allow for customization to match any style.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of metal railings is their low maintenance needs. Unlike wood railings requiring regular staining or painting, metal railings require a simple wipe-down with a clean cloth.

Aluminum Vs. Steel: Which One to Choose?

Regarding metal deck railings, aluminum and steel are the two most prominent choices, each with unique advantages.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both aluminum and steel railings boast a sleek, modern look. However, untreated steel may rust over time, particularly in certain climates. Unless maintained, small orange rust spots could develop, giving a rustic look. Aluminum railings can also have the same issue, but many brands offer a powder-coated finish to combat this problem.


Aluminum and steel have their unique advantages in terms of durability. Steel railings are stronger and can endure harder impacts without denting. On the other hand, aluminum railings, though not as robust as steel, are more flexible and malleable, making them a better choice for curved railing designs.


From a raw material standpoint, aluminum tends to be more budget-friendly than steel. However, the railing cost also depends on the type of infill you choose and the installation process.


The installation process for aluminum and steel railings has unique considerations. Steel railings are heavier and may require extra effort to install. Aluminum railings, though lightweight, may take more time to manipulate or curve to match your design.

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