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Andersen® Window and Door Repair

Window & Patio Door Repair ServiceA window or door in need of repair can be the culprit behind many problems, including high energy bills and water infiltration. Let our experts handle the problem; no repair is too small or too large for us to handle. Whether a frame or sill is rotted, windowpane is cracked, screen is damaged, windows aren’t insulated properly, hardware is broken, or you need a full replacement, our team of trained professionals can get it done fast and done right the first time.

It takes just one call to C&L Ward to solve your home repair headaches. Our trained repair technicians arrive in a company van that is stocked with the tools and parts to efficiently handle window or door repair. We will provide a professional, safe and reliable service that will make your “to-do list” a thing of the past!




Common Problems We Can Solve


Broken Glass

Cracked or broken glass is dangerous and effects the climate comfort in your home. Give us a call to fix it!


Damaged Operators

Broken arms, cranks or operator parts on casement windows will limit function. We can repair them in no time!


Door Rollers

If your gliding patio door sticks or takes force to open, you may need service to the roller mechanisms.


Window Sashes

We can repair window sashes that are broken, warped, weathered or not functioning properly.


Sash Balancers

If your hung windows have problems staying open, it may be that the sash balancers are worn or broken – let us help!


Thumb Latches

Serving as window or door locks, repairing a broken or sticking thumb latch will add security to your home.



In need of new window or door hardware due to age or wear? Our trained service team can get them working like new.


Foggy Glass

Foggy glass may be a sign of failing glazing beads or seals on windows and doors. We can repair this issue.



Worn, ripped or bent window and patio door screens are unsightly and can let pests into your house. We can help!


Is It Andersen?

Identify if you have an Andersen Window or Door

Andersen windows are identified by the Andersen logo on the glass. All sashes will have the logo. The logo will be in one of the corners of the glass. It is etched on the glass and cannot be washed off. It is very light and you almost have to be looking for it to see it. The logo is a triangle with the letters “AW” in the center of the triangle. This logo means that your window is an Andersen. If you don’t have the logo on the glass, you don’t have an Andersen window.

Note: there will be other letters and numbers on the outside of the triangle. These other letters and numbers contain information about who manufactured the glass and the date of manufacture.


Why do windows “sweat”?

It may strike you as odd, but the growing condensation problems of the nation are caused by progress. If you have trouble with window condensation, it’s probably because you live in a “tight” modern home that you can heat for a fraction of the money it took to heat the house your parents lived in—a home that’s cleaner and more comfortable besides! Your condensation problems also result from use of labor saving appliances that make life easier than it used to be.

This article explains the moisture problem of the “tight” home. It offers suggestions for curing condensation problems in existing homes and provides additional suggestions for you who are planning a home. You unquestionably will build a “tight” home, and there are more things you can do to prevent excessive moisture when you build than can be done in a home where the problem already exists.

Watch the video below, download a PDF, or click here to learn more about condensation.

EASY AS 1-2-3

C&L Ward provides an easy and pleasant home remodeling experience. You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the project and ensure you’ll be completely satisfied with the end result.

STEP 1: Personalized Consultation

Whether at your home or one of our interactive design centers, one of our remodeling experts will provide personalized service during your consultation.

STEP 2: High-Performance Products

We only carry top-of-the-line products that offer great value and performance, ensuring you’re making a quality investment no matter what you choose.

STEP 3: Professional Installation

Our entire team is highly trained and experienced, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship goes into every project we complete.


“I would recognize Nicole for her exceptional service. She put up with a lot of my calls, my complains. She was always so professional. She not only would talk to me, she would send my emails up the chain of command. I think her follow through was really good.”

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