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Keep Your Home Safe with Deck Security Lighting: 7 Techniques for Michigan Homeowners

Aug 10, 2023

Proper outdoor security lighting can significantly deter potential intruders. For homeowners with outdoor decking, your deck’s structure provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your security lighting and sleep easier at night.

Here are seven methods homeowners have used to add security lighting for decks in Davison, MI.Deck Lighting

1. Use Diverse Light Sources

Incorporating a variety of light sources such as flood lights, motion sensor lights, and path lights is an effective deck security lighting strategy. This variety ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving no potential hiding spots for unwanted visitors.

2. Consider Strategic Placement

Deck lighting design should take advantage of strategic light placement. Cover all potential entry points to your home, including doors and windows. Also, illuminate potential hiding spots like bushes or trees near your home.

3. Find the Optimum Brightness Balance

When deciding how to light your deck for security in Davison, finding the right brightness balance will be key. While bright lights can deter potential intruders, your lighting shouldn’t be bright enough to become a nuisance to your neighbors.

4. Embrace Motion Sensor Lights

One of the best types of security lighting is motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lights for decks in Davison, MI both deter potential intruders by activating when they detect movement, and alert homeowners to unusual activity.

5. Utilize Timers and Remote Controls

Using security lighting with timers and remotely controlled operation can improve your home’s security by creating the illusion that someone is home, switching lights on and off, even when you’re out.

6. Install Weatherproof and Energy-Efficient Lights on a Separate Circuit

Your deck’s security lighting should include weatherproof and energy-efficient lights on a separate circuit to protect against power surges or outages. Not only will this save on energy bills, but it also ensures the lights are able to withstand the elements.

By implementing these deck security lighting techniques, you can enhance safety and security around your home.

7. Maintain Your Lighting Systems

Just as you need to carry out routine maintenance on your home and deck, keeping your lights clean and in good working order is crucial for their effectiveness. Regular deck security lighting reviews and cleaning will ensure your system remains effective.

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