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How Do I Select the Right Storm Door?

Jul 19, 2023

If you want to protect your home from the elements, a storm door is the perfect solution. Installed in front of regular front doors, storm doors are designed to shield homes from the external environment.

You may be asking, “How do I select the right storm door?”

In this post, you’ll learn how to pick a storm door that meets your needs.

About Storm Doors

Storm doors aren’t your average doors. These specially designed front entry doors give your home an extra layer of protection from the elements. Whether it’s winter, summer, or fall, storm doors help keep you and your house safe.

Not only do they block wind and rain but they also help with insulation, provide additional security features, and can add charm or pizzazz to the overall look of your entryway.

In many ways, a storm door gives you additional peace of mind regardless of the season.

5 Factors for Choosing the Right Storm for Your Home

How do I select the right storm door for my home?

Choosing a suitable storm door becomes much easier once you take into account these five factors:

1. Cost

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On average, storm doors cost $100 to $300, however, the price can go up to $1,500 if you’re looking for more customization options. The material of your door will also influence its price. Typically, aluminum storm doors have the highest prices while vinyl doors are the cheapest.

Take your budget into account so you don’t overspend.

2. Durability
You’re probably getting a storm door because of its ability to protect your home from the elements. Hence, durability is an important factor.To find a sturdy door, consider its thickness — the thicker it is, the better. Most storm doors are between 32 and 36 inches thick although there are also 30 and 34-inch doors.
Aluminum is popular for its weather resistance and because it’s easy to install. Some doors feature wood cores but note that those aren’t as durable as their aluminum counterparts.

3. Design
Storm doors have five basic styles: full-view, mid-view, retractable screen, ventilating, and security.

  • Full-view storm doors let you see outside your door completely. They come with full-length glass or full-length screens so you can enjoy unobstructed views from your entryway.
  • Mid-view storm doors allow you to see about halfway through your door instead of having the glass or screen extend all the way to the bottom. They usually have 12 to 18-inch kick plates at the bottom to keep pets inside.
  • Storm doors with retractable screens have a screen and glass layer. This offers the greatest convenience because you can simply lift the glass for some fresh air. These types of storm doors can be full-view or mid-view.
  • Security storm doors prioritize security. As such, they’re made of steel and are designed to keep intruders out. These doors typically come with steel or iron bars and irreversible screws for maximum security. Trespassers won’t even be able to remove the door frame from your home.

4. Ease of Installation
Modern storm door models are easier to install. As long as your doorway is a standard size, you shouldn’t find it difficult to find one that fits.

Standard storm doors usually take a maximum of three hours to install. The process is straightforward enough to DIY and there are plenty of online resources that will teach you how to do it (take, for instance, this article from The Spruce). Ask someone to help you out since storm doors can be heavy.

However, if you’re a beginner when it comes to home improvement projects or feel uncertain about installing your own storm door, you can always hire professional screen and storm doors services to make sure that the job gets done correctly and as quickly as possible.

5. Security Features

By now, you know that storm doors are also good for security. In addition to the features we’ve already mentioned, you can also look for storm doors with:

  • Heavy and full locks
  • Strong tempered glass
  • Solid frames that are made entirely out of steel
  • Stainless steel mesh instead of aluminum mesh

C&L Ward: Wide Storm Door Selection and Professional Installation

At C&L Ward, you can choose from a wide selection of storm doors from Anderson Windows and Doors. With our friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable technicians, you never have to ask, “How do I select the right storm door?” again.

Whether it’s door repair, door installation, or door replacement you need, our screen and storm doors services will help you find the perfect door for your home and will install it for you.

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