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Don’t Let Your Deck Get Bent Out of Shape: Fixing Warped Composite Decking in Davison, MI

Aug 09, 2023

Composite decking is an eco-friendly, durable, and attractive option for enhancing your backyard. Yet, even composite decking can warp in the right conditions, affecting the functionality and appeal of your outdoor space.

At C&L Ward, our time providing decking installation, repair, and replacement services in Davison, MI, means we’re experts in preventing and treating composite decking warp.

In this blog post, we’ll help you understand the reasons behind warped composite decking and provide insights on how to fix it and return your deck to its former glory.

3 Most Common Causes of Composite Decking Warpdecking installation

We primarily see composite decking warping caused by one or more of these three factors:

1. Improper Installation: Composite decking needs to expand and contract freely. If not correctly installed, with room to expand and contract naturally with temperature fluctuations, it may warp over time.

2. Long-term Exposure to Moisture: If it stays wet for too long, composite decking can absorb moisture, leading to swelling and warping.

3. UV Exposure: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can break down the resin in composite decking, making it more prone to warping.

Understanding these composite decking problems can help you prevent future warping and ensure your decking’s longevity.

How to Fix Warped Composite Decking

The process for fixing warped composite decking can range from simple DIY steps to professional composite decking repair services.

If your deck’s warpage is not too severe, here’s a brief guide on how to fix your warped composite decking:

1. Identify Warped Boards: Examine your deck and identify where exactly warpage is occurring.

2. Remove Warped Boards: Carefully remove the warped boards from your deck.

3. Cut and Install New Boards: Measure and cut new composite boards to replace the warped ones, ensuring proper fitting.

4. Seal the New Boards: Protect your new boards from moisture and UV exposure by sealing them properly.

Remember, if the warping is too severe or you’re unsure about the process, it’s better to contact a professional composite decking contractor in Davison for optimal results. A bad DIY attempt may result in more expensive repairs down the line.

To ensure the longevity of your composite decking, follow these composite decking maintenance and installation tips:

  • Ensure your composite decking installation is done correctly to allow for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Avoid allowing water to sit on your deck for long periods to minimize moisture absorption
  • Apply a quality sealant to your deck to protect it from UV exposure
  • Regularly inspect your deck for signs of warping, and fix issues as soon as they arise

Your choice of composite decking can also significantly impact your deck’s susceptibility to warping. Be sure to choose the right composite decking for your needs.

Trusted manufacturers like Fiberon, for example, offer high-quality composite decking options known for their durability and resistance to warping.





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